August 2020

10th August

File permissions when developing with Docker

File permissions can be a little hard to get right when working with Docker due to how the host machine and containers are mapped to one another. During development, it can be aggravating to encounter the following issues: The host cannot read/write…

May 2020

9th May

Tips for using Git effectively

If you're a developer reading this, you're most likely familiar with Git. It's probably the tool you use most next to your text editor, but also the one you're least familiar with. You're probably not alone as many developers don't seem to take the…

October 2019

27th October

Running AWS Elastic Beanstalk on a budget

When it comes to getting apps up and running fast in AWS, Elastic Beanstalk is an attractive option for teams that don't want to get bogged down with dealing with lower-level infrastructure. Unfortunately, as Elastic Beanstalk is also aimed at…

July 2019

6th July

Optimizing React component event handlers

For any seasoned React developer, it should be fairly common knowledge that event handlers are one of the main sources of performance issues in React applications. The main reasons for this are due to the following: It is easy (and often more…

April 2019

28th April

Modern WordPress development with Themosis

If you've been working in web long enough, you will most likely have run into WordPress in some shape or form. For a seasoned developer, this experience has most likely involved throwing your hands up in the air in frustration from its archaic…

February 2019

28th February

Thoughts on the great frontend divide

In the last few years there has been some interesting discussion in the frontend community over what it really means to work in frontend. Recently, Chris Coyier aptly coined this as The Great Divide. In it, he primarily discusses things from the…

January 2019

31st January

Personal goals for 2019

I've been told that it's good to physically write down your goals to try and elaborate a bit more on the what, how and when. Unfortunately, I'm also a month into 2019 and only just getting around to doing this, so not a good start. Luckily I've…

December 2018

30th December

Software highlights of 2018

As the year comes to a close, I think it's worth reflecting on some of the interesting developments over the last year that are worth re-visiting to discuss their impacts. Here are my top five ranked in order: 1. Java 11 released This makes the top…

October 2018

21st October

My optimum Spring Boot development environment

During my last few years of working with Java, and more specifically with Spring Boot, I have worked with several types of development environment. Whilst all of these were functional and worked, some did not really allow developers to quickly…

August 2018

19th August

Field testing the new Vue CLI 3

Recently I had the opportunity to start a new project with Vue, presenting a great opportunity to get back up-to-date with the Vue ecosystem (my last Vue project was last year). Luckily (or unluckily) for me, the major 3.0 update for the official…

May 2018

6th May

How to use Hibernate identifier sequence generators properly

Recently I was helping to build out a domain model using JPA/Hibernate when we came upon the interesting topic of using sequences for identifier generation. This was not my first encounter with this particular topic, but like with many of Hibernate…

April 2018

29th April

New interesting features in Spring 5 (using Kotlin)

Spring Boot 2 was released at the end of last month and packs some new shiny toys for us to play around with. Importantly, it brings the massive Spring Framework 5 update (released back in September), so I decided to take Spring Boot 2 out for a…

4th April

Exploring Concurrency: Basics in Java

This is the first part of my 'Exploring Concurrency' series. As a web developer, I spend most of my time working in a single-threaded environment. I would say this is a fairly safe assumption for most other web developers as well. Ultimately, it's…

March 2018

22nd March

A closer look at Spring proxies

Recently I had the opportunity to look into the basement of Spring and investigate more into how it uses proxies (everywhere) to achieve some of its 'magic'. In this post I will be sharing some of my findings and exploring the motivations for…

December 2017

28th December

Blogging with Gatsby

First posts are always a little awkward to write. Normally I don't have much to say other than the usual 'Hey guys, this is my blog, I hope you like it' type opening. Fortunately, I've got something more interesting to say this time as I decided to…