May 2021

• 5 min read

How to update or remove global styles in Emotion

Learn how to change globally injected styles in Emotion without breaking the rest of your app's styles.

January 2021

• 3 min read

How to add vanilla Emotion server-side rendering to Gatsby

Like Emotion but don't want to use the React API? Want to use server-side rendering with Gatsby? Here are some simple steps to get started.

December 2020

• 2 min read

Running Git hooks with environment variables in IntelliJ

How to run Git hooks (with environment variables) in IntelliJ without losing your mind. Perfect for NVM or SDKMAN users.

November 2020

• 8 min read

Best practices for REST APIs: How to write endpoint URLs

What makes a good REST API endpoint URL? Here are my recommendations for writing URLs that are maintainable and intuitive.

August 2020

• 4 min read

File permissions when developing with Docker

A brief guide on how you can set up your Docker development environment to work with your host's file permissions.

May 2020

• 16 min read

Tips for using Git effectively

Comfortable with Git, but unsure how to use it productively? In this post, I'll share my tips on how to get the most out of Git!

October 2019

• 7 min read

Running AWS Elastic Beanstalk on a budget

A simple guide to running an AWS Elastic Beanstalk server on the lowest possible budget possible, with none of the features you don't need.

July 2019

• 10 min read

Optimizing React component event handlers

Event handlers for React components are a common source of performance issues. In this post, we'll learn how to avoid identify and avoid them.

April 2019

• 13 min read

Modern WordPress development with Themosis

An introduction to the Themosis framework for WordPress. Learn how you can use modern Laravel features in your WordPress projects!

February 2019

• 4 min read

Thoughts on the great frontend divide

Some thoughts on the schism between frontend developers and designers. Does it need to exist? And can we do anything about it?

January 2019

• 5 min read

Personal goals for 2019

After another busy year, it's time to set some goals for what I want to do in 2019.

December 2018

• 9 min read

Software highlights of 2018

A collection of what I thought were 2018's most interesting developments in the software industry.

October 2018

• 7 min read

My optimum Spring Boot development environment

Some simple recommendations for a Spring Boot development environment that can increase your productivity and reduce your time waiting for builds.

August 2018

• 11 min read

Field testing the new Vue CLI 3

Vue CLI 3 is a major re-work that promises zero config and an extensible plugin ecosystem. Does it live up to the hype?

May 2018

• 10 min read

How to use Hibernate identifier sequence generators properly

Do you find Hibernate identifier sequence generators confusing? Here's my definitive answer on how to use them properly.

April 2018

• 12 min read

New interesting features in Spring 5 (using Kotlin)

Spring Framework 5 makes working with Kotlin even better than ever. Let's take a look at the most interesting new features!

• 13 min read

Exploring Concurrency: Basics in Java

An introduction to concurrency in Java. Join me as I explore the basics, potential pitfalls and advantages.

March 2018

• 10 min read

A closer look at Spring proxies

How do Spring's proxies and annotation work? In this post we will be taking a deep dive into some finer details and magic. Come join me!

December 2017

• 6 min read

Blogging with Gatsby

Learn how I finally deployed my blog using Gatsby. Expect to see lots of interesting content on programming and tech!