About Me

Nicholas Tsim

Hi there, I'm a software developer based in Sheffield, UK. My main area of expertise is writing web software in JVM languages, JavaScript or PHP. I consider myself to be a full-stack developer (whatever that means nowadays) and enjoy working on all aspects of the development process.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games (mostly multiplayer), or dancing to some electronic music in a dark warehouse somewhere.

I work with a lot of code and enjoy a good ramble so I thought I'd write about relevant topics I find interesting. Hopefully you'll find something to your liking!

Work History

2016 - Present

Senior Developer - Hive IT

Agency work with private/public sector clients (generally in teams) on projects of varying size.

Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Spring, React, Vue, Angular, Kubernetes

2014 - Present

Freelance Developer

Work on small/medium sized projects for various clients in my free time. Mostly full-stack development with previous responsibilities including leading a small team and maintaining project infrastructure.

PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue, Angular, Elasticsearch, Redis, Ansible

2015 - 2016

Developer - Databowl

Worked on the company flagship SaaS product. Mostly full-stack development alongside a small team of developers.

PHP, JavaScript, Zend Framework 2, Laravel, Angular, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ

2014 - 2015

Developer - Switchstance IT

Agency work with private/public sector clients on a variety of small projects.

PHP, JavaScript, CakePHP