Posts tagged with Java

December 2018

• 9 min read

Software highlights of 2018

A collection of what I thought were 2018's most interesting developments in the software industry.

October 2018

• 7 min read

My optimum Spring Boot development environment

Some simple recommendations for a Spring Boot development environment that can increase your productivity and reduce your time waiting for builds.

May 2018

• 10 min read

How to use Hibernate identifier sequence generators properly

Do you find Hibernate identifier sequence generators confusing? Here's my definitive answer on how to use them properly.

April 2018

• 13 min read

Exploring Concurrency: Basics in Java

An introduction to concurrency in Java. Join me as I explore the basics, potential pitfalls and advantages.

March 2018

• 10 min read

A closer look at Spring proxies

How do Spring's proxies and annotation work? In this post we will be taking a deep dive into some finer details and magic. Come join me!